Friday, September 23, 2011

How can i change spark plugs on 2007 nissan maxima?

thebax20 is correct Coils over the plugs and the rear bank #1 spark plugs are covered up partially by the Intake plenum. Spark plugs generally last over 100,000 miles. Keeping in mind that any misfiring may cause cat converters to fail don't drive a misfiring car. I do not recommend novice car owners and technicians with limited tools to attempt a tune up on such a car. There are two bracket bolts to the plenum and a power steering hose that is bolted and no room to reach around. So there are lots of parts that need to be correctly removed and installed. Good LuckHow can i change spark plugs on 2007 nissan maxima?Once you get the wipers and cowl panel ahead of the windshield removed then the plenium off it is not all that hard. Generally the tune up labor is 3.5 hours

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How can i change spark plugs on 2007 nissan maxima?If it's the 6 cylinder you need to remove the coils. If I remember right you first need to remove the intake plenum. 2 hours labor at the dealer.

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